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Web hosting is an essential service that is required in this day and age. Without a prominent online presence, it is not possible for a company, business or individual to properly publicize their product, services or ideas. Many people are completely unaware of what web hosting is. Due to the lack of awareness, people feel that just a domain name is enough to publish the website online. However, without a server, it is impossible to keep the website up and running. That is why it is necessary to get in touch with a speed web hosting service provider.

There are many online web hosting service providers that provide servers for your websites. However, when you ago and look for such service providers online, you will see that there are numerous plans and options that you have to choose from. That makes it difficult for a newcomer to decide which plan would be optimal for their website. The choices are in terms of

CPU time

Operating system


Disk space


Operating system

There are different kinds of servers for web hosting purposes as well. The different kinds of servers are

The different kind of resource capacity combinations and the type of server that you choose makes decides the price of subscription as well. Out of all the possible combinations, Linux virtual private server web hosting is the most popular, and there are some reasons behind that.

The main types of operating systems available for servers are Windows based operating systems for servers and UNIX based operating systems for servers. MacOS servers are not very popular, and not available as well in most cases.

Availability of third party applications and software

Only HTML, CSS and JS are not enough to build and run a website. A static website with pages of text content was how the World Wide Web started. Slowly, multimedia content was also introduced into it. Now, each and every web page that you will come across is filled with interactive content. A number of supporting applications and software are required to provide that kind of interactive capabilities to a website. The third party software and application support varies for operating systems. Amongst all the possible options, the support is best for Linux servers, and that is why Linux virtual server hosting is so popular.

third party applications and software

For windows build servers, the third party software and applications like ASP or .NET of Windows SQL are not compatible with other operating systems. Also, many of the windows applications are paid, increasing the overall cost of web development and maintenance.

The free open source applications like PHP or MySQL are developed mainly for UNIX based operating systems and they are very compatible with Linux based web servers. Also, most of the applications that are free and open source are compatible with Windows operating system as well.

Stability and scalability and portability

The point behind having your own server and not depending on other people’s servers is having a stable backbone for your website. With Linux based servers, you get the most stable performance without the chances of glitches or faults, and Linux servers are best suited for high traffic control as well. Also, during development on virtual server hosting running on Linux¸ it is easier to find tutorial videos and guides designed specifically for this operating system.

In terms of scalability and portability also, Linux servers are better than windows based servers. The first thing you need to know is that the operating system that you use on your personal computer is different than the one you have to use on the servers. The user interface, navigation etc. are all different. However, once you develop a website in the Linux based server, it can easily be scaled and ported to other web hosting servers based on other operating systems.

Performance and price

performance and price

Performance is the only thing where Windows based operating system for servers and Linux based operating system for servers are comparable. With the right resources, both these servers on these two different operating systems can handle the right amount of traffic. There has been much debate on which operating system is better for web developer. As most web developers are more comfortable with working on Windows, people often think that it would be better to go for a windows based server. However, it is important to know that the operating system on a personal computer and that on a server are very different. So the question of compatibility never arises.

The prices of Linux servers are also lower than that of windows based servers. This is because, most of the software and applications that come with Linux server are free and open source. This is another added advantage of opting for Linux based servers for web hosting.

Different types of servers

The different types of servers that you can choose from are shared servers, dedicated (dediziert) servers and virtual private servers. Out of these three, virtual private server web hosting is the best and most balanced option. It attains the perfect balance between price and performance.

type of server

Shared servers, as the name suggests, compels you to share all your resources with other clients taking service from the same web hosting server. Everything starting from CPU time, memory or bandwidth has to be shared at all times. At the worst, the amount of resources allotted to you at one time might be reallocated at another instance to another client. So it becomes very unpredictable and unstable. However, the low prices of subscription for the shared servers make it a popular choice.

In dedicated servers, every resource that is allocated to you is yours only. It will at all instances of time be available to you. This is the best option when you have high and unpredictable traffic for your website and also a number of resource intensive applications running. However, the prices of subscription for dedicated servers are much higher.

That is why virtual private servers are the best option. Although you will still have to share your resources with others, the resource that is allotted to you is dedicated, that is, it will at no instance of time be taken away from you and allocated to someone else. So if you have a predictable and manageable amount of traffic, this is the best option for you. Also, the prices for virtual private servers and that is why people opt for Linux VPS hosting in India.

Combined with the high performance, the stability and the other features that you get with Linux based servers for web hosting and the benefits of virtual private server web hosting, you can make the most out of your online presence and attract more eyes for your website.

A lot more information is available online and if you are having trouble deciding you can go through this information and decide for yourself. Also, you can contact directly with the service provider and ask them for expert advice and consultation before you decide to buy Linux hosting. The contact information of the service providers can be easily found with one quick online search on their official websites. Take a well informed and well researched investment decision when it comes to web hosting servers.

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